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Good morning tyler, on monday morning I will talk with a potential new customer who needs a slightly larger multi language site. I guess anymod is rather not yet ready for that, am I right? We discussed this some 6 month ago and I remember there was some scope related issue with the solution you suggested. Have a nice start into the week!

Hi Stefan, you can set up multi-language mods by adding separate fields for each ( content_de , content_en , etc). However it is somewhat manual as you may remember

Hmm, no I dont really remember why it was a manual process to establish a language-switch. For three languages I will need to create each field three times, in oder to make sure three languages will be considered. That would be fine with me. I guess I might need to additionally inject some code into each Mod’s-JS-Section to ensure the window.url will be analysed: in oder for the language-switch to take effect. Is that correct? Or was there something more I would need to consider? I would probably want to create a cookie to ensure the language-Setting will remain persistend across all follow-up-Pages?

Hi Stefan, yes you are exactly right. That is how you could accomplish multi-language editing. Here’s an example: :+1:

Another way (that avoids so much code in each mod) is to add an event listener, then you can broadcast to all mods at the same time. Here’s an example:

News regarding the multi-language feature

Hey Tyler,

my second project for the Group: will start now.

That next project will indeed become multilingual.

I have to admit I am scared ; )

The new anymod multi-language feature needs to work well.

I am aware I will be the very first beta user.

Let me know whatever I can do to support your development and decision-making-process.

I will certainly support the anyMod-Team as much as I can.

Will it be feasible to add the multilanguage capability to my new mods in hindsight (after they where ’ initially created’) ?

When do you estimate Multi-Language-Support to become available?

Let me also know if I can be of any help (e.g. defining requirements ) .

I will be greateful for any intermediate feedback , as this feature will soon become important for us.

Hi Stefan,
Yes we would love to have you help define the requirements. Would you be able to do a phone or skype chat about how you’re using AnyMod and what you’d like to see going forward?


Hi Tyler, I will keep your question in mind during the upcomming 2 to 3 weeks and collect all thoughts. I feel I might not have enough to contribute to such a chat today. At least currently. I will come back to you after some weeks and we may then have such a chat together. Up until then, it might be more productive to stick to our open tickets. There is solely one general feedback I can provide right away regarding my anymod-use-case: I use anymod to build entire sites. This might stay that way as far as my usage is concerned. This might not be the core direction anymod is ment to be used for. It seems to me anymod is rather ment to enrich an existing page by a couple of mods to be dropped into already existing pages. Theming is an issue to me. Aligning all those mods to my global styling rules / design. Anyway. I come back with more in about 3 weeks from now.

Another feedback with regard merely to the multi-language-feature:

You already mentioned the current method is somewhat manual.

I am forced to drop a JS-Script into each and every Mod and statically modify it.

I would define all Field-names for all languages manually.

Afterwards I would assign the Mods-JS-Script manually for all Field-names for each language, to make sure the field with the correct content is found (depending on the Language-switch )

We did have some extended chat about the multi-language-feature last year. I was unable to scroll back to that discussion. I think we exchanged some further suggestions and thoughts about stuff to consider. But I am not sure.

The JS-code requieres manual JS-setup withing the JS section of each MOD for each additional language. And for each and every field.

If I remember correctly you mentioned the integration of the language-feature happend to be more of a complex thing than your Team expected at first.

I am glad for any update - also: if you have any questions with regard to the multi-language-feature specifically , I will be glad to answer it to my best .

Is it feasible for you and your team to estimate a time until the multi-language-feature will be available?

PS: Maybe I got it wrong:

If you intend to chat about the multi-language feature solely, I will be glad to have a skype-chat right away.

Though I am not sure if I can be of much help

Yes it did turn out to be more complex than we had originally thought, because we want to get to a point where you don’t need to do anything “extra” to get multi-language features. So rather than having different fields or adding JS to a mod, we want you to be able to set a default language and then add other languages to that.

You could switch all mods on the page to a different language with a command like Anymod.setLanguage('de') (just an example). Making a system like this that is very simple to use is what we have been working on, and we’ve been making some architecture changes to move in that direction.

We’d love to chat about the multi-language feature and also about how you’re using AnyMod now or how you’d like to use it. So if you’re able to chat now, we’d love to! Is there a time that would work for you?

We might have our skype-call today, on thursday 04th of July, between 09 o clock and 12 o clock in the morning, San Francisco Time. If this is not feasible for you, we may chat at the same time-slot tomorrow. If both is not possible, we may look for a date somewhen next week.
Your above comment helped me to remember the discussion we had about this last year.


I gathered some thoughts and wrote them down for our skype call to come :wink:

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PS: just a notice of minor relevance: You mentioned the edge case of an e.g. “italian” webpage with the requirement to nevertheless keep some content in the default “english” version. The should be able to manually copy/paste the existing default text (in english) into the newly created empty italian-field. Thus, I guess, there might be no need to develop a mechanism to overwrite the italian language with the english version programatically, if the user wants to display some parts of the page in the default language and some other parts in “italian”.
I am aware this is not a highly relevant point, but it came to mind, thus I decided to mention it

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the multi language feature is something I will need to make use of in the near future.
My client will probably intend to inject the second language in the Middle of September 2019

Thanks for keeping this top of mind for us. We are going to take another shot at implementing this soon. Do you mind if we reach out to you for feedback on some designs if it makes sense to do so?

I am highly interested and grateful for the opportunity.

I will be glad to provide feedback on this matter , whenever it makes sense.

In fact I am a bit scared :

I will be your beta-tester with this new feature.

If there is anything I can contribute , let me know

Actually you intended to have this feature out by December 2018 / January 2019

My client keeps asking about the availability of the multi-language-feature from time to time. Currently I do not really know what to answer towards my client.
Therefore I feel like asking you for some sort of a “roughly estimated timeline” for this feature to go live.
Your feedback would enable me to communicate more accurately towards my client.

Hi Stefan, we have already started working on it, and are hoping to have it out in September. The planned UI is very similar to what you’ve already mentioned. I’ll reach out to you about beta testing!

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