Inconsistent image height in mod

The images in this mod need to have pretty much the correct size

Otherwise the user will run into issues as the images in the slider should actually all have the same height, which they don’t.

Hi, which mod are you referencing?


I believe the different heights was intentional, but we think it looks good with same height so we’ve “fixed” it.

I also issued the same “fix” for your mod:

Thank you Tyler :smiley: :smiley:

this fix was issued, but it was never established

aditionally this MOD seems to also activate the function to “scroll Horizontally” on mobile devices, which is certailny not the desired behaviour. This Mod cannot be dropped into the Webpage with ease. It cannot be used out of the box. Anybody who attempts to use this MOD in production will certainly have to invest an unexpected amount of extra time debugging the issues this Template still has .

and in addition to this, The horizontal-scroll will not switch back to the regular vertical Scrolling-Effect after the end of the horizontal Scroll was reached.
This leads to a bad UX , as the user must actively place the cursor somewhere else than above the CARDS, in order to be able to proceed using the Scroll-Wheel to further scroll Down. I think the Vertical Scroll Function should be stopped automatically once the user has scrolled to the end of the Horizontal scrollbar. Currently the user will be trapped, and needs to navigate the Cursor to a place elsewhere than the Cards , in order to be able to proceed scrolling the webpage. IF AnyMod happens to develop a fix for this issue, pls do not hesitate to update this ticket - I and interested to also apply the fix, as I am using this Mod on two websites of mine - Mod Quality is essential

Hi Stefan, thanks for your feedback! We’ve done the following:

  • Images are automatically set to same height/size
  • Scrolling now continues up/down when the side to side motion is complete
  • Scrolling behavior is left natural on mobile

Please let us know if these don’t address your issues

PS You can use the new merge feature to merge the code and field changes into your existing mods if you want. Don’t merge the content though, or it will override your existing images!

Thank you very much for the quick update!
I will indeed integrate your update into my Mods on my two webpages.
At least, I will TRY to do so on Monday :

I have my css rules customized to the theme of my webpage. I also had to customize the html a little bit. I cannot remember where and what exactly I customized. The JS might be customized too. Thus it is unevitable: I will have to go through all three code-sections and try to work your improovements into my version. This will very much be a manual process!

I was thinking about a good way to use your MERGE Function in the future. This is what came to mind:

It might be a good Idea to only use DEFAULT Anymod-MODS in the future, and do the entire OVERWERITING of CSS and JS from local files. That way I may profit from Your Updates. This seems to be the only way for me to profit from the merge function. But, on the other hand, I guess it will be very very hard to overwrite the MODs CSS because the MODs-CSS-Rules are very specific. I will have to go for !Important. And then I might end up in hell as soon as I aim to overwrite my own !important-rules for Mobile devices!

Summary: I do not see any solution to use the merge function. Can you provide me with a best practice as to how I may customize the Mod the best way, while remainig able to still use the merge function?

Good Morning Tyler,

Today I found the time to test the improoved result you announced in your above message. Thank you for the fix!
You announced three issues as beeing fixed now:

One of the thee fixed issues is indeed a great improovement. The other two might still need some further fixing. At least this is my opinion. I will be glad to hear your opinion on this.

THIS works fabulously great now:

  • Scrolling now continues up/down when the side to side motion is complete

But those two improovements are not as flaweless:

  • Scrolling behavior is left natural on mobile
    My Comment: (the current solution seems to not activate the scroll on IOS devices, but nevertheless still hides most CARD-Articles outside of the screen , at the the right side of the mobile screen. Thus the user has to realize a horizontal scroll would reveal more cards, as soon as he starts scrolling horizontally: by pure intuition! He would have to actively start scrolling to the right, instead of scrolling further down on mobile devices. I feel this is not a solution any webdeveloper would seriously consider as tolerable UI. The CARDS really need to be visible on mobile-devices, all of them. One below the other. That way nothing remains hidden outside of the visible screen, and the user is also not supposed to suddenly scroll horizontally on his mobile device. The only reasonable solution for mobile might be to display all Cards visibly on mobile-devices. Do you agree?

  • Images are automatically set to same height/size
    My Comment: (well, yes the images are now indeed autoscaled to the same height and width, this is nice. But the Cards still do not have the same height, which is something I feel might be improoved. But this is just my personal impression. Others might feel the cards are perfectly fine even though they differ in height. What do you think with regard to the height of the cards?

Just a quick notice :slight_smile:

Anymod-Admin-Users might quickly spend 1 hour to integrate and customize a new Module. That time would be wasted if the Anymod-Admin-User wrongfully assumed this Module will perform well on mobile .

I already reported this a while ago. But anymod decided to do nothing about it. Anymod did not improove the quality of their old Template mod, see above.

Because anymod has again published that mod inside of their latest “Module Monday” today, I felt I might want to drop anymod another notice, just to make anymod become aware this mod canot be used on mobile devices.

Anymod might either want to improove that mod, or take it offline.

At least each admin who integrates this template-Module should be informed it will not perform on mobile.

this is the latest Module-Monday Mod:

Hi Stefan, thanks for your input!

For things like vertical layout on mobile or the cards all being the same height, we tend to view those as personal preferences that can be tweaked in the CSS. In this case it would probably be a few rules. It’s easy to imagine a scenario where you wouldn’t want the cards to go vertical on mobile (might be too many of them), and the original design spec has cards of varying heights. So in cases like this, we tend to leave it up to you to fit it into your project however you like.

Eventually we’d like to introduce a “Similar to this mod” selection, so you could see tweaks that other developers have made and that would give a lot of variety for each mod. What do you think about something like that?

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Hi Tyler,

The above Mod seems to have lost a functionality you added to it some month ago. This mod used to have an overhauled Function to make sure the horizontal Scrolling will continue after the ‘side to side scroll motion’ is complete.

That means the horizontal-scroll will automatically switch back to the vertical scroll-motion once the user has scrolled to the end of the horizontal scrollbar whith his mouse-wheel.

That used to work after it was established by anymod in September this year. Since September this mod exactly had this very functionality available. And that did work flawelessly.

I could not say why, but that functionality is lost.

See above for an in depth discussion about this.

See template Mod below for the mod and the (nowadays) missing functionality: (URL is identical to your template gallery URL for this MOD)

I wonder how the functionality got lost?

If the user scrawles the mouse wheel above the “side to side scroll motion News Section”, then the swawl will turn into a Horizontal Scawl.

Can you confirm the horizontal-scroll function" does not switch back to the vertical scroll after the "side to side scroll-motion " has reached the end?

This used to be the case. Anymod explicitly improoved the function to do just that.

This capability seems lost. Can you confirm?

can you confirm? Sorry, this issue might come up next week again, but there is a slight chanche it may not come up. So I do not want to ask you about this too early. Nevertheless it feels strange that the once accomplished milestone seems to have vanished

Hi Stefan, can you please file a new topic under the “Issues” category, and provide the information requested there? We need more information to debug this as we can’t replicate so far.

Hi Tyler, Okay, I will create a new ticket