Horizontal scroll function


Expected Behavior

The Mod kicks into a horizontal scrolling once the mouse is above the mod and the user is scrolling. The horizontal Scrolling should continue until the side to side motion is complete. Afterwards the scrolling should automatically return to the up/down scrolling (that means = when scrolling has reached the right-side-end of the horizontal scroll)

Current Behavior

Scrolling stops and nothing happens after the side to side motion is complete at the right hand side


This functionality was already implemented inside the latest update for the template mod. But the update seems to have gotten lost somehow .

Hi Stefan, we are unable to replicate this behavior on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Can you clarify what your setup is, and whether you are experiencing it on multiple devices?

I think I have not yet tested this issue cross browser at all:

Today I tested the same URL cross browser with regard to this Mod URL:

On IE the Template mod does not load at all.

On Firefox I can confirm the desired behaviour indeed kicks in , I am suprized! The horizontal scroll kicks in and also successfully kicks OUT again!

On Edge my test result was the scroll-motion not kicking in at all in the first place.

The horizontal scroll motion automatically kicked in but it did not move back to the vertical scroll motion.

ADBLOCKER and two other Extensions on Chrome:
After I deactivated all my extensions on Chrome, the behaviour finally kicked in. I cannot say which extension was causing the issue, as the issue did not show up again, no matter which Extension I had , or had not, activated,

Okay, the issue is gone.
It was an issue with my own browser after all.

A lot of time went into the investigation :wink:

Issue closed ; )

PS: Thank you for your time on this too!!