Yet another flawed template mod


STEP 1: Customized a Template Mod to my needs
I invested one hour into a customization process for this template Mod
on a new webpage of mine.

STEP 2: Investigated into an ocurring js-error
Next thing I had to do was to investigate another hour investigating into the below error. I stumbled upon it once I started to actually use the NAV.
First I had to understand the error,
then I had to track down why it ocurred.

STEP 3: created a new Page and tested the template mod in detail
I found out it was not my mistake,
but it was actually the template beeing buggy once again.

STEP 4: Prepared and wrote the ticket to let the AnyMod-Support-Team know about their buggy template-Mod
Next thing I did was to create a test environment
to make 100% sure it is indeed the template causing the issue, and not me.
I felt I should create a ticket for the anymod-support-team.

STEP 5: I Added the below error description for the anymod-Support-team
ERROR DESCRIPTION within this ticket: I found out the NAV WILL behave as expected IF the user hovers the mouse OVER the NAV element WHILE unsing the scroll-Wheel. But using the vertical scroll-bar will not apply the desired function. Nor will the desired function work if the mouse is not hovered over the NAV-BAR. FOR REPRODUCTION please hover over the NAV Bar and then scroll, to see the desired behaviour. move the mouse away to see the error in Action when you scroll.

This is the ORIGINAL Template Nav to be fixed by anymod-support-team

This is your Demo-Page

This is THE MOD from the demo Page (can be edited by you for test-purpose and feedback)
The Project:

Tyler is a member of the team for project: 837232 .

I am fed up with anymods- Template-Libary.

To choose a Template offered by anymod is not worth my time.

In approx. 50% of all cases the anymod-Templates are flawed. I expect to save time when using anymod. Instead I spend more time writing tickets than I could possibly ever save. The Code-Quality of anyMods Template-libary must improove massively, I think.

I may report some 10% of the flawed mods I stumble upon. I am far from reporting all issues I stumble upon. Investigation and debugging just takes too much time. this is undesired.

see suggested workaround inside this MOD

// bodyEl.el.attachEvent(‘onmousewheel’, scrollSpy)

This solved the issue for me.

AnyMod might want to update the Template-Mod

AnyMod will for sure find ways to further improove my lines of workaround-code

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for reporting, and sorry you aren’t having a good experience with this mod. In reading this ticket, we aren’t able to understand what the error is that you’re facing, and we have not been able to notice any problems when testing the mod. Can you please let us know what you mean by the “nav will behave as expected”, and what is the unexpected behavior?


Hey Tyler,

Did you read both of my above messages?

My description is very accurate. You will find the problem fully described.

Within the MOD itself you will also find a solution for the issue I faced.

You will certainly quickly understand the error and grasp where it derives from.

You will be able to improve your template quickly after you looked into my description.

Especially pls look at the uncommented lines within my MODs js-section. You are invited as a member of the project team.

I am sure once you look into the above messages more closely, you will find your way around.

PS: Also: If I use the Vertical Scrollbar, then the Function also seems to not apply. But it should. It seem as though only the Mousewheel activates the Resizing of the NAV-Bar-element. This is not the main issue here, but it certainly is another important issue that needs to be tackled before this template can be considered usable “out of the Box” , Can you confirm the above described additional issue?