What are template mods?


What are those template mods actually for? If I click on them, I can see they are mods. Can I integrate those mods? Why do they appear as “Template-Mods”?

If I click on “new Mod” this is the page I will see: https://anymod.com/library/8P24PE I felt the Framework-Logo-Mod might be used to integrate Bootstrap, or any of the other Frameworks into my page? But after analyzing them they seem worthless. This is just a note to let you know some anymod-users might be confused by those framework-Icons on the template-page.


Thanks Stefan! They are intended to be starting templates for if you want to build a mod from scratch using one of those frameworks. So for example if you wanted to build a mod using bootstrap, that would let you get started with one click. It sounds like we should consider moving or renaming them!