View-Only-Link is cool - but no exit possible


Hey Tyler,
I like the view Only Mode, but currently
there is no way to leave the view only mode again.
I would like to provide my customer with a
view Only Mode
and I simply used this one (although it is only for one mod)

But I cannot give the View-Only-Link to my customer until it will be easily possible to leave the View-Only- verion with ease.

My customer would probably hand this link over to other team members who will only look at the content, but will not edit it at all.

But the Content-Managers of my customer will themselves also click on that view-only-link (they will do so testwise most likely). Afterwards they will be trapped :slight_smile:


This is great feedback, thanks! So it sounds like you want your customers to be able to:

  1. Have a link to edit content
  2. Have another link that is view only, to preview changes before they go live
  3. NOT be able to edit code

Is there anything you would change or add to that list?


Yes that is correct :wink:

Also it seems worth mentionig the customer-person beeing the ‘content-editor’ will occasionally also visit the “view only” page, so a safe and secure way is needed to do tge following in VIEW-Mode

A: let the viewer be aware he is on the View-only site, even on html pages with NO Change" on them, when compared with the live page
B: allow the viewer to easily EXIT the “view only” mode.

Actually, what I would LOVE the most, would be a Menu which would not only let the user know into which kind of view he is logged into, but also would allow to CHANGE the log-In from one kind of login to the other. What I am spontaiously thinking of is a menu with three logins 1: Admin 2: Draft 3: View-Only. So that the user may toggle between the “project-accounts”. In case there are several Drafts, the menu would have to list them all. And in case there are several Admin, or Developer-Ligins, the same is true.

As I already mentioned before, you may take a look at You should be able to find a hidden link in the very very left bottom corner. It is positioned Fixed. Upon click a Layer will open with TWO login-URLS. One is for the draft-Login and the other is for the Admin-Login. Hmmm… even if you would develop the kind of menu I just described above, I think I would still keep that “hidden Link” in the lower left corner, as I feel it is a smart way to allow my customers access to the Editing for the PAge without having to store or remember the URL anywhere else.

Anyway. I did not spend much time. This is far from well-thought-out :wink:


Great, thanks for all of the feedback. We’ll continue incorporating this into our redesign!


Okay, I had an additional though yesterday . It is a bit hard to note this thought down in a non-visual way, but I will try.

When working on a DRAFT version at the right top corner, currently we have a TOGGLE Button to change the view in that top right corner . I would eventuelly love to instead see a different element there: Which would then be the “number of changed mods” on this page . And whenever I hover over that "number of changed mods"Element in the top right, then a small menu might drop down, to allow me to either leave the draft-status (just some close-Element) OR choose “see the (individual) changes” . And every time I click on that nav-element called: “see the changes” , the document would be scrawled to the next Changed mod.

Now: About the changed mods on that page: I imagine every changed Mod to be framed with some border to highlight the change (Draft versus Live) . And at the left hand side next to each changed Mod I imagine to see a TOGGLE-button (Live vs Draft), positioned absolute close to the changed Mod. This would allow me to toggle the Status of that single Mod between Live and Draft.

That means each Mod changed in Draft-Mode would display a Toggle button of its own, to further inspect the changes of that specific Mod.

Not sure if that sounds reasonable.

Also not sure if this is feasible.

Just wanted to drop you another line, as I had this thought.

Hope it is described well enough to visualize the idea I had.
best Stefan


I have another question regarding the View Only Link: Can my customer send a view-only-link to those partners he would like to discuss the result with? It would be fabulous if each Mod could be toggled between Draft-Mode and LIVE-Mod, so that the user will be enabled to inspect the changes inside that specific Mod by toggeling that button. Each mod would display a Toggle button of its own, to further inspect the differences.
The basic question is if there is such a "View-Only-URL for Draft-Versions.