URGENT Problem

URGENT - embed stopped working on site. Can you check out why this component isn’t working please? https://anymod.com/mod/preview?key=dolmo

I don’t see a preview in the AmyNod editor either. Just white space. Looking at Chrome Inspector, it seems that v-cloak is still set on the component, therefore it is not displaying.

FIXED - found the issue. Nothing is previewed and the rendering stops of any JS errors are encountered. Some of the node IDs recently changed on my page which resulted in the elements not being found by the JS which, in turn, prevented any of the component being rendered.

I definitely need to write more robust JS! :wink:

Whew! It sounds like we could have better error messages perhaps. If you’re able, knowing what happened in more detail would help us do that.

The ID changes were totally unrelated to AnyMod but some kind of error message in the Preview panel would be helpful. Even just something along the lines of the console output showing the JS error.

The cause of the issue was with the site builder that I use, Carrd. When I transferred the site between two user accounts, all the element IDs were changed. Carrd does not allow custom IDs or classes on elements so I have to do all targeting by auto-generated IDs like “#text28”. When these change it causes havoc! :joy:

As far as error reporting on your side, just the console error in the preview panel would really help. “v1:22 TypeError: Cannot set property ‘innerHTML’ of null”

I noticed that no previews were rendering for me but didn’t give it that much thought. Now I know why.

Yeah that is great feedback – we can highlight when there are errors in the JS or CSS. Would be a nice touch and make life easier.

Definitely! By the way, my clients are very happy with the editing so far. :tada: