Urgent CSS issues


Hi Everybody, Hi Tyler,

This error is live and it is of very global nature:

The design of All anymod-pages is basically totally broken.

All Pages within ALL of my LIVE AnyMod - Project Websites
have lost a high amount of their css values.

the footer of the Live Website
is totally broken

and most of the content within all pages on the skysails portal
are suddenly aligned left instead of aligned centered.
user : Sky pass: Sails

This is the reason:

Anymod seems to have changed the order of the CSS Files?

Plase see this example TESTPAGE to narrow the issue down anymod is facing here:

user : Sky pass: Sails

You will see a Grey button at the top of the page.

That button is set to display : none .

But bootstrap-v4.1.css

is overwriting the display value with “inline-block”

The CSS-Value of the selector within the MOD suddenly has a lower priority than the CSS-Value from the bootstrap-css-file!?


I decided to warn all my customers and all page Visitors about AnyMod Malperformance via the cookie-consent Message (with zero cookie livetime)



Hi Stefan, we are very, very sorry about this! We have issued a fix – thank you for letting us know.

We have updated the way CSS assets are added to the head based on your earlier feedback: Overwrite a CSS selector

In addition to reordering the CSS assets, we also re-ordered the individual mod styles. This did not show any issues in our testing, but obviously we missed the cases that you mentioned.

To fix this, we are now adding the CSS assets before the Anymod-script element, and the mod style tags at the end of the head. This combination should fix your earlier issue while also keeping the appropriate styling for the individual mods.

Thank you again for reporting, and again we are very sorry about the issue. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about what happened.


Hi Tyler,

your fix seems to have covered the issue.

I can confirm no (related) issues occur on my pages anymore.

PS: You mentioned you happend to have missed my use-cases while you were testing your newly reordered CSS. This makes me wonder if my cases are somewhat edge-cases. I wonder if there is something I can do to make my setup more of a “default case”.

In case my setup strongly differs from the standard-setup, please let me know where.

I would like to learn more.

My goal is to to get closer to the anymod default setup :wink:

Best Stefan


Glad to get to know where my use case is different from default.

I would like to change my setup to better align with the anymod standard usecase.


We don’t necessarily have a standard use case in mind. I think you were just doing something we hadn’t thought about yet – overriding the Bootstrap stylesheet with your own stylesheet. That worked fine and still does, but we hadn’t considered the ordering of the style tags for that use case.

So if it is a workflow that works for you – we want to support it!


Thank you very much for your clarification on this issue Tyler :wink: