Upload PDF Files

I asked this question before, some weeks ago. But I decided to create a single ticket , only for this PDF Upload thing:

My Client will entertain a MediaLounge . It will have a lot of PDF Files.

It will be a very cumbersome experience if we have to upload all pdf files to our server first, only to reference them to the URLs inside of several Mods.

Therefore I herewith create this ticket to ask for the ability to upload not only images and Text, but also PDF Files.

I have not thought about this in detail. But I would love to be able to host pdf files within the anymod CMS

For the time beeing, I will host them on our server and reference their URLs to anymod

Thank you for the request Stefan! Would it make any difference to be able to upload them to something like Dropbox and have those files (or a folder) accessible through your mod? Or do you have something else in mind?

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The way I imagine PDFs to get embedded into Anymods CMS is very much the same way Images are currently handled.

I imagine I am to create a new Field and choose PDF as my data type. Then I would drop an A-Tag into the html-pane of the mod with the {{{ pdfPathName }}} . This would make uploading pdf files and also referencing them very easy.

You suggestion to upload the PDF Files to Dropbox would probably mean the admin would have to manually create the reference-URLs ? And integrate them into anymod manually? I can see a lot of potential hassles handeling Dropbox, even if an entire folder is made auto-accessible for my anymod project and the admin was able to access all those Docs from the anymod-interface.

But basically, I really welcome any solution that works ; ) No matter what it looks like. I would also agree to a MB-filesize-limit for each anymod-project, when it comes to the total pdf filesize I am allowed to use.

Ah! This ticket seems to exist twice:

PDF-Uploads would be fabulous. The team will want to update their pdf-files themselves, but they do not have any FTP-access to the server.

FTP currently seems to be the only option we have for our PDF files