Upload PDF Files

Just a quick question. I guess I know the answer, but wanted to reconfirm:

Currently there is no way to upload PDF Files to your CMS , is there?

My client has some PDF Files , I need to upload them to our server . I will then reference to that URL inside of the MOD . Each time those PDF-Files change, I need to reupload and re-reference. And the client will forward the PDF files to me via email in advance.

Totally doable and not a big issue. Still , My client today asked for a way to upload the pdf-files without my support .

I guesss this is currently not possible with anymod, am I correct?

Not a big deal - just wanted to reconfirm.

Or may I handle pdf-files just the same way I handle Images? I should have tested before I wrote this ticket, but I will now just send the ticket ; )

Have a nice day , and thanks in advance

That’s correct. Currently you could upload it somewhere else and then reference that link in your mod, but you can’t add a pdf upload directly to AnyMod yet.

We’ll take this as something you want though, and include it in our planning.

PDF-Uploads would be fabulous. The team will want to update their pdf-files themselves, but they do not have any FTP-access to the server.

FTP currently seems to be the only option we have for our PDF files