Upload 47 Images


I had to upload some 47 Images today , it was a 20 minutes task. Too many clicks were included. Uploading a second image while the first one is still in the process is now possible: that is great. Nevertheless the process is still a bit tedious. Choosing more than one image at a time (for upload) is not possible. I guess anymod is aware of it though. It will just be a matter of time until those processes will be finetuned, so that is fine with me.



Great feedback Stefan! That’s a lot of photos :smile:

One thing we’ve talked about doing is to have a “photo album” for each project instead of the current “one upload per mod field” setup today. Would it work for you to be able to upload all of the images to your project’s album, and then select from that album for specific mod fields?


Though it would be fabulous to upload all of those 47 images all at once, I would probably still have to create 47 new empty elements inside the mod , and then assign each of the 47 images manually towards the newly created empty 47 elements. That would still be a lot of work as there are some 12 clicks included per image to assign the image towards the empty-field (estimated 12 clicks, I did not count the clicks :wink: But it would certanly be nice to do the upload that way, yes. What I would love most though, would be a way to coose 47 images t once and then have 47 auto-created Elements . In such a case the entire assignment-proccess (between empty-image fields and the actual images) would be automated too. But that might be something to adress some later time in the future. It would come in handy in cases where ony images need to be uploaded into a photo-collection. But most of the time, anymod will probably not be able to automate the Image assignement-process, as some of the mods fields will not be image fields , or worse, there might be 3 image fields for each element Group … Anyway. Those are my 50 cent ; )


I thought about it again this morning. Maybe it is possible to automate the upload of some 40 images all at once. I imagined the process as follows: The user would create just one new Element, hit Upload, but then choose some 40 images to upload. Then anymod would autocreate 39 additional elements and upload the content accordingly. (and in case the (add repeat item-group) contains more elements/fields than just one, anymod would auto-inject the image only into that specific field with the exact-same fieldname the user had choosen. Sounds doable. But might not have the highest priority at the moment. :wink: best Stefan