Upgrading from v1 to v2

Hi Tyler,
I’m having some issues after upgrading from v1 to v2. Some of the mods appear but some doesn’t. I’m running on localhost.

Sorry to hear that. I can have a look – do you have a page I can view? Alternatively, which mods are working and which aren’t?

dbnbm is working but kodrb is not loading

How can i show you the page? I’m running locally (localhost)

thats the error message I see. seems like anymod is looking for css in that url.

Ok, just a second and I’ll try to see if I can replicate it.

I’m getting a notification that localhost is not allowed in the project

but it is set up in the settings

OK I have it replicated, just had mis-typed something. Now we can try to solve.

It looks like a CSS file is not available. When I visit that url, I get an error in chrome.

can you check again, its working now.

I guess the file wasn’t there before. We have a designer working on it. may be she removed it.

Is the mod working too?

yes, it’s working right now

Ok great

We’re going to make it so the script throws a more informative error!