Update the timeline mod

I have one question regarding


and on thought to mention. A is the question and B is the thought: Okay: A: I wonder if I might somehow be capable to load the timeline with a pre-specified timeline-event to get displayed on pageload (e.g. I might call my website with a parameter and pass that parameter over to this mod on pageload)? and B: the horizontal timeline has arrows at the end of both sides: Clicking them will drag the timeline further into the past or into the future. On mobile-devices that slider will only drag the timeline-Title-Elements further by exactly one single event-headline. Thus it might be for the event-content itself to get displayed automatically on that very same click. And for desktop-devices, an additional slider for the events themselves (content) might be something to evaluate. this is just a thought I wanted to utter …

Hi Stefan, it should be possible to do what you mentioned in A, but the documentation for that code (https://github.com/CodyHouse/horizontal-timeline) is unfortunately not very good. It looks like it might be possible with updateTimelinePosition

For B, that is a good suggestion, and I will raise it with the team. If it is straightforward, we should be able to make the change.