Two ADMIN working at the same MOD


I ran into the following situation lately:

I am working on several MODs as the admin (Content and Code ), while my client is at the same Mods , during the same timeslot. He is working on some of the same MODs simultaniously.

This has led to unexpected data loss on either side already.

My client will log into with ADMIN-rights just as well as I do. I provided him with admin rights because the draft-cooperation was a little bit more combersome than expected. Therefore I passed admin-rights to the client. I actually still prefer to aviod passing admin-rights to the client.

Okay: So I guess I am looking for some method to be warned in case somebody else has the same MOD open on a different computer at the same time.

I imagine some Warning highlighted inside the MOD inside each open tab, as soon as another ADMON will have the same MOD open , maybe such a situation shall even disable the save button and bring up a warning-layer, advising to call the other person. In 90% of all cases both users might know each other pretty well I suppose.

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This is great feedback, thanks! We are starting to have these conversations now.

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