The Cookie Consent MOD cannot be used


My aim is to use those Mods out of the box

the cookie Consent does not look nice on mobile devices .

I did never intend to style that cookie consent on my own for mobile devices, and then test, and then improove it. Instead I would love some alternative mod to be able to solve the cookie consent issue better than the current Mod does. I would like to use that improoved (or totally new) cookie Consent , and then use it out of the box.

This is why: The launch of this website is supposed to be in 1 week. And I still have a lot of other stuff on my tasklist until then.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ve issued a fix, and you can now merge the change into your existing mod here:

First time I used the MERGE technique on anymod :

Merging worked exellently!

Also, thank you for the Fix

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Well, sort of…

I just realise my URL Field-Vale got lost,
as well as some CSS I had altered in the css section

Not really sure what else might have gotten lost.

Luckily this mod is very small, so I can manually rewerite the lost work.

Also, luckily I still remember all changes by heart