Take notes on a mod


I would love to note down my comments and documentation outside of the code but still inside the mod. somewhere. Currently I tend to store my internal notes right inside the code. All my internal documentation is typed right into the html and css and js panels.


We are working on something just like that :smiley:. Soon you (and others) will be able to keep track of notes & issues for each mod, so you’ll be able to have a readme for the mod and also keep track of any issues/bugs for the mod :+1:


great news about the new readme and documentation section for each mod!! This new readme-section might even be extended into a chat-room between developers to share their experiences (at a later stage probably :wink: . Anyway: I would love to be able to add my own personal (private!) notes into to that new readme section for each mod too! I would like to use that notes-section to add my todo-list and to store reference-URLs towards relevant stackoverflow-articles and stuff like that - just a private ‘note-board’.


Great, we’ll take all of this into consideration as we build it out!