Should I consider AnyMod as a Headless CMS?

I happen to skip through articles about Headless Content Management Systems every once in a while . I feel like AnyMod might be part of that Group.
I am aware Anymod is not API-based at its core, also it comes along with HTML Markup.

So let me ask, what are the main reasons why I should not call Anymod a Cloud-first headless CMS?

I would like to advertize Anymod as my new CMS of choice on my (still to be build) new website.

How shall I call AnyMod when it comes to CMS Systems? I would like to avoid using mistaken terms ; )

We haven’t come up with a catchy phrase for it yet :smiley:, but we think of it as “modular” content management, so I guess you could call it a “modular CMS”.

Headless CMS usually means that it is based over API like you said. We do have that feature (here), but we like to include the client-side part so that users can share mods with each other and not have to re-write the client for every project.

Try calling it “Modular CMS” – we think that explains it pretty well, and let us know if your clients like it!

Thank you, that’s what I will do ; ) I will call it Modular CMS and also let you know what my clients think whenever feedback drops in.

It will certainly take some more time before I will go live :wink:

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