Server chache --> Function only works on first pageload

user: sky
pass: marine

okay, skip this ticket for now, I am not able to replicate the issue. I will have to look deeper into the root cause , to hopefully gain a better understanding of it all. Will provide further feedback later

this is the polyfill Js I am loading via a Mod

this is the hero with the button

this is the workaround with the ID to scroll towards

this is the page with the issue

this is the issue:

all three mods are loaded via PRIORITY , still the script only sometimes applies the scroll. After many pageloads, the scroll event will not be attached (to the button).

I am giving up on this. Cannot see why it sometimes works and sometimes does not.

I felt it had to do with the missing priority , thus I added those three mods to the priority-array in the V2 Script.

Not sure if it is anymod making my live harder than desired .

Will provide more feedback tomorrow I guess.

I tested it once again this morning.
The situation needs some support from AnyMod, I hope anymod might help me to understand:

My question is this:

Why does the SmoothScroll work on first pageload? (only directly after the severcache! was deleted) Why does it no longer work on second pageload?
I need support.

I could not say why those issues vanished. But they did.

This ticket can be closed.