Seo MOD to improve search optimization

How about a SEO Mod the user might drop into the head section to edit meta tags relevant for seo performance? Might that be doable? Of cause that would mean the content is the same on all pages which might be sub.optimal. Still… Just a thought. Probably not feasible anyway. Also not sure if mods can be dropped into the head section at all.

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This is a neat idea, would you change the SOE on the fly for different updates. I think I would use it but no 100% sure.

My Main Idea is to free myself from haveíng to think through the seo-Tags relevant inside the head-section myself. I would hope for a collection of meta-Tags relevant to add to the head all neatly connected inside just one mod. I am looking for some pre-written (and well thought out) Mod I may use to make sure I have not forgotten something important when it comes to fulfilling (at least the basic) seo-requirements. At the same time, a mod of this kind might enable the user to manage the SEO Terms and settings themselves. If the user can edit those settings hinself, that would free my time up. It would free me from working on those seo Terms on behalf of my client, just and only because the client cannot edit those seo-settings in the head himself. Thus: I would love to drop a SEO-Mod into the head section . As mentioned I am not sure if any Mod may successfully be dropped into the head section at all

Right now, the script searched through the body for mods. We could make it search through the head too, but that might hurt general performance a little bit for all mods. Another solution might be to write some JS in the mod to manipulate the head, but we would need to better understand how that would affect SEO before we recommended it to users. We’ll think about it!

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Let me know if I can assist you by any means.

I am curiously looking forward to your findings :wink:

Are there any news regarding the Meta-Tags in the Head of the page(s) via AnyMod?

Will anymod offer support regarding the topic of ‘SEO Optimization’ ?

Or will it remain impossible to inject meta-tags into the head (comming from anymod)?

In the latter case I would cover this soe issue myself.
I just need to know. If something is comming up from anymod here, or if I shall hardcode the metatag-information into the head manually for each page.

I just start to wonder if AnyMod might be able to inject meta-Tags into the head dynamically? Comming from the V2-Script? In such a scenario: The anymod-admin might see new input fields on the settings-page of the anymod-interface. He might fill in some meta-information for the project.

I am aware some Information will have to be page-secific and will thus not be configurable via the

But nevertheless, maybe anymod can assist.

I wonder if I will be able to add general-meta-tag information via Anymod in the future.

There will certainly also be page-specific-info to add to the head of each page specifically. Maybe Anymod can help here to , just by adding a short documentation page to let the user know what to think of. And what to manually add to the pages HEAD section in order to improove the SEO Ranking.

This just came to mind spontaiously.

Pls. let me know if I should better cover the SEO meta-tag issue on my own, of if it makes sense to wait for anymod.

PS: THhis is also an issue my client considers as important, but has no time-pressure on it. I am allowed to look into this some 3 month from now. so there is no hurry, but it still remains a task on my tasklist :wink: Hence, this message :wink:

I would like to know if I should look into the SEO-Metatag-Topic myself, or if it makes sense to wait for anymod. Anymod wanted to look into it and provide feedback.

We’ve been monitoring this, and it looks like Google handles it well. Bing does not appear to index meta tags that are added this way, so that would be a caveat. Their official information says they do, but that is not the behavior we’re seeing.

We probably won’t officially recommend this until we see adoption by Bing as well, but in the meantime if you are primarily concerned with Google results, it should work well.

Okay, I will go with this, because I feel Bing is rather irrelevant :wink: So, is there a MOD I could clone to get me started?

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Yes here is one that is a proof of concept. It takes the title and description fields and uses them to set the meta tags!

Thank you. This is interesting. I am not a SEO Guy at all, but I feel I might better read a bit more about seo before I start relying on your Mod solely. I would like to make sure I cover this topic as careful (conscientious?) as possible. You mod seems too rudimentary perhaps. I will investigate. Also, I wonder if you suggested to drop this Mod into the head section, or if you consider this mod to be best dropped into the Body Section?

Hi Stefan,

It basically comes down to whether or not the search service crawls web pages with JavaScript enabled. That means the crawler will run the page’s JavaScript before “saving” the page for the search index. Google does this, and they are the leader on it.

As mentioned above, Bing says they do it, but it’s pretty hit or miss. It’s likely that over the next couple of years, Bing and all major search engines will adopt this practice in order to continue competing with Google (and because JS has become so important).

For the “rudimentary” mod you mentioned – it is very basic indeed. The JavaScript is setting the title and the meta description, which can then be read by the crawler. It could be updated to add many more meta tags, but we do want to experiment some more and see how search engines respond before releasing an “official” mod for this.

Hope that helps!

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I guess I may offer you to testrun you Meta-Tag MOD on a Live Project of mine. But I feel the Mod you forwarded is too basic to implement it at the moment. I would prefer a solution a bit more sophisticated than the current mod. Feel free to cooperate with me on a live page and beta-test your metatag-Mod with me . I will be glad to use such a Mod on the below mentioned page, provided some more though has gone into the structure of the metatag-mod in the first place. If you are willing to invest some more time into a more sophisticated mod, I will be glad to betatest it on this portal - it urgendly needs some metatags anyway :wink:

I will start to take care of the SEO Questions on my own today .

I will still be glad to look into the SEO-Mod as soon as anymod has such a Mod ready to use (or BEta-Test) .

Ps: I just implemented the Meta-Tags. I found out it is easier than expected.

It is less complex than I expected at first.

I expected this whole Metatag Topic to be bigger.

So in fact there are only some clearly defined fields to look after:

< title>this is the SEO Relevant title - it will be different from Page to page< /title>

< meta name=“description” content=“this content will be displayed in google Searchresults as the subtitle”>

< meta name=“keywords” content="keywords " />

< meta name=“robots” content=“index,follow”>

< meta name=“author” content=“Author name”>

So this is easier to handle than I expected. I think I have made a little bit too much fuzz about it ; ) Sorry for that :wink:

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Glad to hear you’ve got a handle on it. Let us know if we can help!

Let me know if I can help.

I will soon be using Anymod on a multi-Language site. Thus the SEO Relevant Information will have to be changed, according to the language. Therefore, I should edit the SEO Relevant Meta-Tag Content inside a MOD. Not directly on my static html on the head-tag on my page(s).

Can I drop a metatag-MOD into my head? Or should I rather drop the metatag-Anymod-Element as the first Element within the body-Tag?

And could I ask you to suggest your latest version of a MOD with metatag-content for SEO matters ?

I will soon have an urgend need to use an AnyMod to drop some Metatag -Information into my page. This is what I feel should be the content inside of such a Tag

< meta name=“description” content=“this content will be displayed in google Searchresults as the subtitle”>

< meta name=“keywords” content="keywords " />

< meta name=“robots” content=“index,follow”>

< meta name=“author” content=“Author name”>

Do you agree? do you see more Info I should regard?

I guess It might be best to create one MOD for each HTML-PAGE so that I can indiidually edit the content , including the Title of the document, in English and german , and potentially firther languages .

< title>this is the SEO Relevant title - it will be different depending on the language < /title>

I wonder if my above assumptions are correct:

Is it feasible to create one multi-Language-Mod for each page? My website has 7 html-Pages, so I would create 7 SEO-Mods. Each mod would include

< title>Page-Title (also SEO relevant)< /title>

< meta name=“description” content=“this content will be displayed in google Searchresults as the subtitle”>

< meta name=“keywords” content="keywords " />

< meta name=“robots” content=“index,follow”>

< meta name=“author” content=“Author name”>

Once the Mod is created, I would probably be able to add multi-Language Content.

I realized your seo-template MOD suggests to use JavaScript to add ONE Meta Tag
with a name=description] . It seems as if the template MOD does not yet consider more than just that one Meta-Tag. I would prefer to work with all of the above mentioned TAGS.

Could I ask you to create a SEO MOD for me with all of the above tags beeing considered? I would love to test this mod within my current project. My client intends to go live on the 15th of September 2019.

This is your current SEO-MOD

I will be grateful for any Update you might provide, for me to implement and test a SEO Mod in a live environment

This does seem like it might be a better approach. We’ll try it out!