Seo issue

Hey dear AnyMod Team,

A new anymod webpage is live:

It went Live on wendsday 10th of December 2019.

Google started to index the domain, but the results were very unexpected:

FIRST ISSUE (Issue: Content not indexed correctly)
Instead of the actual content Google indexed the following information: “please activate JS in order to see this Page” . In german language that string is called: “Ihr Browser unterstützt kein JavaScript!” - Please search for that String on Google result page yourself and letz me know if you can confirm this . See screenshot below.

Some two days later this issue is still there , at least on my Google-Search-result-page. It will be visible on the SECOND SearchPage , please use the below URL and make sure you are on the second-result-page - then you may ‘search the google page’ for the string-word “javaScript” to find the unexpected result:

The google Search Console should have indexed the anymod-content, and not merely the direct HTML content (Javascript-Warning message) .

SECOND ISSUE = some pages not indexed at all
Okay, Furhtermore, there is a second Issue:
Only TWO PAGES OUT OF SEVEN are indexed. All other pages are ignored, and I have no clue why this happens. As you can imagine, SkySails Management Team is upset with the SEO Result on Google. They even decided to delay the start of their Social media Campaign due to this problem. They hope for the issue to vanish within the upcomming days, but I am not sure it will. It might not vanish.

I have no clue why only 2 out of the 7 pages are correctly indexed by google.
Here is the URL you may refer to, to see Google only indexed two Pages out of the 7 pages the portal has:

That means: The only two pages google indexed are the Homepage and the one page the index.html direkty refers to via a Link within the text. All other pages are ONLY REFERENCED TO VIA THE NAVIGATION MENUE. And those are the pages Google did NOT INDEX

CONCLUSION WITH REGARD TO THE SECOND ISSUE (Issue: some pages are not indexed at all)

I thought about the second issue a little bit deeper. The more I think about it: The NAV Element is NOT DISPLAYED on IE Browwsers at all, because the ANYMOD DIV Element is not converted , thus the Content of the NAV Element does NEVER EXIST at all on IE Browsers. And I start to believe that this is also what happens when GOOGLE requests for the page ! the SEACH INDEX does not index the NAV element at all ! This is just the same result as is prevealent when the page is requested on an IE Browser! In other words: IE Browsers AND the google Search Machine never convert the NAV.Mod to HTML code , and thus the content is not indexed by google. This is VERY VERY BAD for the SEO of my clients page: Many pages are only referenced to via the NAV-Element A-Tags = Google does not index them at all. I might be wrong, but the analysis seems to provide a clear hint : My assumption might be correct. The only other page google does index is the one page mentioned on the startpage (aside the NAV), that is: career.html

This issue is of highest relevancy , due to the conclusion I drew some minutes ago. Please closely read the above error description, especially my conclusion at the end of my above message. Please let me know what you think

The above description is the utmost relevant issue I currently have for my client and me. Below pls find another finding I stumbled upon, even if it might not be as relevant of a finding as the above description. Maybe the below can add some better insight into whats going on too. Okay: "If I add some HTML code into this MOD (responsibe for SEO data in the HEAD): then the HTML is NOT DISPLAYED on the webpage for unknown reasons : The example code was this < div>test plus an uncommented line called < !-- seo content --> MOD NAME = almrra
True on project with url (PS: Tyler is a team Member! )

I would love to forward some feedback to my client.

Any update is highly appreciated!

This morning I had a 48 Minute Talk with SkySails about the SEO related issues we face with our new anymod-driven domain The CEO and the Marketing team are very concerned.

The Issues we face are:

A: Google does not index the actual content of the home-page. Instead Google indexes a Javascript Warning which is written directly into the body-tag of the document

B: All links inside the Navigation-MOD are totally disregarded by google. Our new portal has a homepage which only references to further pages via the NAV-Mod. The homepage references to those pages is provided from nowhere else. Merely from the NAVIGATION-Mod can those other pages be requested. Google seems to disregard the NAV-Mod completely. Googles searchengine most likely does not convert the nav-mod into html in the first place. THis is a resonable assumption because the same thing happens on IE Browsers with regard to the NAV-Mod. This issue was circumvented by telling the ‘google search console’ to please index all subpages (letting google know about their existance). But the issue itself remains.

Let me again stress both of those seo-issues have turned into the most urgendly pressing problems we face with anymod at the moment.

I improoved the wording for my above message

this screenshot was taken on It displays our problem number A:

For Problem B

I already referred to this screenshot

On mobile the JS message is there too, please see screenshot. On that ssreenshot please Lookout for the ULR at the bottom . It shows google merely indexes the javaScript warning!!!. This issue must vanish! SkySails is delaying their entire communication campain and wait fot the error to vanish. Do you have any idea where the missing content might derive from?

Could you provide us with a feedback before the weekend kicks in? Regarding my assumptions? We really need this fixed and I would love to forward your initial estimation over to skysails on monday morning.

on this project I added the Navigation-Mod to the V2 AnyMod-script { priority: [ ‘dklddd’ ] });

Might that cause the search engine to disregard the content? I am aware this assumption is very very highly unlikely, but I am out of ideas.

Another assumption of mine is that the searchengine only indexes the javascript-alert (instead of the actual content) IF the URL was beforehand redirected from the old Domain towards the new domain. I do those redirects via a 301 redirect rules. The htaccess is on the ols server and redirects the traffic to the new server and requests the page. It seems as though the searchengine cannot index the pagecontent on the new domain IF the traffic was redirected beforehand. The redirected traffic can be identified by a ?parameter at the end of the URL.

Somehow those pages are indexed mistakenly with only the Javascript-Warning (instead of the actual MOD Pagecontent)

Does that ring any bell at your end ? Does anything come to mind?

More than grateful for any support to help circumvent the current Searchengine-mistakes

A: pagecontent not indexed at all (instead merely the JS Warning gets indexed)

B: pagecontent IS indexed, but the NAV-Mod is NOT indexed!

Both issues need to be solved.
My client feels this is urgend.
I am grateful for any support!!!

Javascript error message in google searchresult on mobile device:

Ps: Today, I deleted all the javascrit Warning out of all html documents. But the issue itself still persists of cause: google searchbot still does not index the mod content , as documented avove within this ticket

this is still a pressing issue. Google does not index the content of the NAV-Mod-Element. Additionall, Google will not index the entire content of the startpage under certain conditions:

Hi Stefan,
Apologies as I was not getting notifications about this thread for some reason. It can take Google a while to get the site into its index, so you may not be seeing final results.

You can see what Google’s crawlers see by setting up the Search Console and using the section described here: That will let you view any page on your site the way Google’s crawlers see it, and that will let you know how the pages will eventually end up in the index.