Search through README Text


I would love to be able to search through my README Text !


This should be coming out soon. Thanks for your feedback!


Readmes are now searchable :partying_face:


cool! I like the way the readme content appears as soon as the user hovers over the mod-preview. Great!


The new SEARCH through the README Files is Fabulous, but I feel the search trough the JS and HTML is no longer performed (this might be the case since the readme content is indexed.)

Can you confirm the Searchfield no longer searches through JS ?

Real Example: I was searching for the string “injectForm” on my project and I should have found that string on

but the string was not found. The very moment I added that string to the readme section, though, the MOD was found!


This is an issue with our search provider: they only accept records below a certain size. This mod has a large amount of text in the content section, so in this case the code is not indexed.

It is certainly possible to index a larger amount in general but we may have to switch search providers to do so. Hopefully this issue doesn’t come up very often. We’ll keep it in mind as we develop new features though, since it would be best to have!



Okay Understood. Strange though. But very interesting.

So the search does work, expect for mods with large amount of text.


PS: Maybe you could ensure the search will always index all three Admin Panels (Html JS CSS)? That might cause the search engine to skip indexing the long text inside the Field-elements , but still ensure indexing the relevant code from that mod . Just a thought. not sure if feasible ; )


That is definitely possible, but we thought it’d be more useful to search the content. We’ll play around with it and see if we can improve the balance!


in this specific case I was searching for the function name in javascript, because I have 6 similar mods and was unable to remember in which of theese that function resides. As I still remembered the functionname, I was searching for it. In other cases I am searching for css VAR names , defined globally but assigned, or “defined” within my mods. So I would like to see which mods use that css-variable-name.

although I agree that most importantly, the text should be indexed, I can confirm I am searching for css or js quiet regularly somehow.

But no a big problem :wink: As I now know about it, I can live with it. Most mods are indexed, but those with lage chunks of text are not.
It is good to know, that is the most important thing ; ) Thus: Thank you for the feedback on this!
have a nice start into the day tomorrow ; )