SCSS Files out of nowhere

scss partial files dynamically injected :

I suppose a MOD must load a JS-Asset, and that Asset is responsible for loading those Stylesheets GLOBALLY into my Document. They destroy my Styling, I cannot find the Script responsible for this mess

It happens on

user: sky
pass: group

May I ask for a hint? Why, and where does Anymod incect those Styles globally?

PS: By Now I had to invested more than one Hour. I had to analyze the situation. I did totally not expect those files to be there - and still dont know where they derive from. Must be some mod. Took out some mods, and tested again , but the Files still load. Maybe from Cache? Lost my evening over this

Those CSS rules are not applied to the index.html but only to the career.html page. This also makes me belive it must derive from some MOD?

I compared the pages, but I could still not say where the CSS derives from

The issue is on this career.html page:

and it is not on this index.html page:

Okay, I need your help here regretfully. I deleted the cached pages in my anymod Project and tried to load the page without some of the mod I suspect might cause the issue. But the issue persisted.

Please call (user : sky ; pass : group )

Then please find this Element : #ocean > h4

and then look into the CSS

You will find the above CSS Files . They apply to the entire document

and they destroy my styling

I remain unable to identify how those styles make their way upon my page.

This issue does not occur on the index.html, but only on the career.html

Please support

Hi Stefan, it looks like the carousel had a non-namespaced version of Bootstrap. We’ve updated the mod to include our standard version. You can merge it in here:

Looks like you would be best served by merging the CSS Assets and CSS only. I don’t think you have modified the CSS, but if you did, you can merge only the CSS Assets.

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Once again, the merge function was magnificent !

Parent and Child CSS Panel:
Anymod might separate the CSS-PANEL into Parent-PANEL and Child-PANEL. With the parent beeing the untouched css the template uses, and the Child CSS beeing the styles the individual Mod will receive as the admin-user coustomizes the styling. The Css might be updated with even more ease. I am aware this is certainly not on the near roadmap ; ) Just wanted to mention it as it crossed my mind.

Bootstrap should always be included as a namespaced version, am I right? If I would like to embed a bootstrap-asset into a blank mod myself (somewhen in the future), how would I go about to make sure it is namespaced? I mean what must I do to embed bootstrap as a “namespaced version” versus "non-namespaced " ? (global versus Mod-local)

PS Feedback:
I took that Mal-configured MOD out of my page entirely (while testing) , and additionally deleted the CACHE (not just chrome browser-wise but also on the anymod-interface), but Still, those bootstrap-libaries polluted my document. At that point, I did no longer know how to solve the issue. And started to create this ticket. I feel , as long as I am logged in as the ADMIN, I do never want anything to be loaded from cache! Each pageload should always reload all assets anew, each time, if I am logged in as admin. Otherwise I get lost in case an issue occurres