Ring building mod for wix website

Hi. i have a wix website and I am considering changing the platform of one section of my business which would allow the consumer to customize certain of my jewelry designs.

I am looking for a way to have the consumer customize the pieces by making mock up versions in order to assist in their decision making where they can literally can drag or choose the color in the piece to make a mock version before ordering. do you have a way for me to add this to my wix website as a feature?

Hello, we do not have a ring-building mod in our library, but it would be possible to build that type of functionality with Anymod.

I am a real novice. What does that mean exactly? Lol.

It means a web developer could use Anymod to add a ring-builder feature to your existing website. However, they would have to write the code for it on their own.

So what is anymod then? What does Anymod do?

It is a tool that makes it easier for developers to build features (like ring-choosers) and install them on any website.