Readme = great to have


The new Readme Section is very nice! :wink:
A great new feature, I am glad to have it !


I think I would LOVE to have the Readme section somehow highlighted in case I left a note in the readme section. This is very important me, because I might otherwise have to look into that section only to find nothing inside, again and again. I would instead like to know if some information is stored in there , before I click upon it.

Additionally, I think I would like a Tooltip on Hover : in order to preview the content in the readme (additionally to the highlighting) without even changing the interface / page.

That would make accessing the stored information easier and I had more control over the readme-content. I would then instantly Know if someting is stored there for me (or not).

Otherwise the readme may soon become a data grave ; ) Whithout this I will prefer not to use the readme section .


Oh!! It is even worse! The new readme section did not store my Notes and I loas all the data I previously stored right inside of the HTML as documentation notes. Hugh!
How did that happen!?
It seems to be this way:


It took me some estimated 15 Minutes to get my data back and store it successfully in two README-files.

But I must say I am VERY happy I did not use Readme on the 35 MODS I already had open to perform the migration of some uncommented data from HTML to Readme .

I only accidentially checked the first two Mods again. Thus accidentially found out the data got lost. The deletion out of the html field was successful but the storage inside README was not


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll make the “Save” button much clearer, and we’ll come up with a good way to indicate the readme status as you mentioned :+1:


Hey Tyler, I will not be able to use those fabulous Readme-Sections if no highlighting is added (as described above).
I run some 350 Mods eventually.
And if I added some readme-Infomation into maybe 30 Mods , then how am I to know which Mod will offer additional infomation inside of the readme-section?
And which Mods do not offer valuable additinal info?
I will certainly give-up inspecting empty readme-sections after looking into 10 mods with no additional info in the readme section.

Thus, for me to use the readme section, the data I store there will need to be highlighted.

Additionally it would be great for them to become accessible via Tooltip with ease.

Readme-sections might otherwise become orphaned records


Whenever those readme-Icons will be equipped with an additional highlighting function (and maybe even a tooltip ), please drop me a line. That will be the day I can finally start shifting my uncommented documentation from my mods.HTML into the readme-sections in large scale.

Currently a lot of my Mods still have large amounts on uncommented Documentation directly inside the HTML. I will keep it that way until the readme.Section can indicate whether or not I may expect some info behind that readme-button


Hi Stefan, thanks for the great suggestions. We will be incorporating the readme info more and more into the dashboard. For now we’ve added a simple indicator when there is a readme:


Let us know what you think :slight_smile:



I will start right away to shift my comments into the readme section in large scale today.

I guess nobody else will ever grasp the meaning of that readme-Icon indication .

But for me it is perfect, I can now work with that :wink:

Great, Best Stefan