Projectwide Css and js in the head .managed globally via anymod


All the single mods my project uses have their own css and js in this project . Css and js are always locally restricted to single mods. Thus for my project, I always need to work on both:

On the one hand:
I am changing and adapting my individuall mod collection,

On the other hand:
while at the same time managing my global css and javascript via my ftp client. Also I will upload the index.html file (and my other project pages) each time I inject or delete a new mod.

It might be nicefor me to free myself from FTP and do more of it right in the cloud.

That would require some global mods I could inject css and js into the head of my page. for the global css and js to be managed via anymod too. It might also require a new global mod I could then use to inject all my html into, in order to drop new mods into the page, and delete the ones the client no longer wants.

Do you have any ideas regarding this thought?

Also, how do your plans proceed to offer themes , or at least a set of mods , aligned to one another?


Hi Stefan!

We have thought about how we can make it easier to work with CSS & JS assets. We’re re-working a lot of the core functionality right now to interact better with live pages (vs viewing in the preview), so some of these suggestions should be on the table soon.

We hope that by this summer you will be able to easily manage CSS & JS assets for your live pages and keep them in sync with your mods. If you are interested in beta testing some of these features, please let us know!

PS we have also been working on the theme idea too, and it looks like it will be possible. Look for that in the coming months!


I would like to beta-test new -features.

But I cannot do that anymore, due to a severe lack of time.


That’s no problem at all – thank you for your suggestions!