Projectlist on dashboard might be ordered by relevancy

I would love my projects to not be sorted by alphabetical order, but rather by relevancy.

The current chronology causes my most relevant project to only be accessible if I use that vertical -scroll-bar .

Not super relevant, but I use that scroll bar some 40 times a day :wink:

Thank you for this suggestion – it’s on our roadmap and should be out soon!

Re-ordering this list would be fabulous too :wink:

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My most important project is hidden.

In the past , I scrolled and then clicked to open my project on my small notebook monitor.

I did so some 50 times on an average day . This was my workflow.
That means = 50 Scroll-actions and 50 Click-Actions on an average day.

With your new UI I will not have to do 150 Actios per average day:

As it will be one more click to reach my most important project.
That means = 50 Click actions to dropdown, then 50 Scroll-actions to get to my project and then 50 Click-Actions on an average per day.

This will result in 150 Actions per Day.

The solution would be to order the list as per Project-Priority instead of per Alphabetical order.

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We have project “favorite” pinning on our near-term roadmap and should have it out soon.

We’ll also look at making the list more compact and showing them all at once so you can scroll the page

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