Projectlist on anymod home

The list of projects on is incomplete.

the first 5 projects are listed at the left hand side in the NAV-Bar, but the dropdown to display further projects is missing. how may I access further projects?

I used a workaround to get there for project 824PN4, because that one is not displayed in the list of projects at all.

I created the url AnyMod dashboard
manually to get there.

Can you confirm this issue?
Issue Short description = 5 projects are displayed on home page, but none of the projects from project 6 on upwards are displayed. Those are simply missing. I have no option to access them

this issue still exists.

Any feedback is welcome

this issue still exists. It really bugs me, because I cannot access some of my projects anymore (if I do not know the Project URL by heart). Some projects are not displayed on at all !

Any feedback is very welcome!
In my case, this issue relates to my project

my project 8656P9 is certainly missing in the list, maybe more projects are missing, I cannot say,

see screenshot

my project 8656P9 is certainly missing in the list, maybe more projects are missing.

oh yes! I have 15 projects on anymod, but merely 5 projects show up in the list!

any news on this?

We’ve pushed a change that should solve this issue (may need to reload the page). Can you let me know if it is still an issue?

It seems to still be an issue on my mobile device, I will test further on desktop tomorrow! Ps: Thank you for all the improovements on several tickets tonight!

this is still an issue
it is bugging me

Is it on desktop and mobile, or only mobile?

I wittnessed it on both desktop and mobile. I feel you had this covered on desktop already, if I remember correctly. If so , I can confirm the issue is back. At least for me, for at least one week, probably more than that. Thank you for looking into it

Hi Tyler, I hope you are well.

If you watch the below screenshot closely ,
you will be able to understand the reason behind the issue of this ticket:

on this page

we are using the following Styling on

**#left-sidebar .projects-list **

** max-height: 248px;**

That causes any project blow that magic-height-value to not be displayed due to overflow : Hidden


Glad if you can find the time to fix this, as this issue can become quiet severe (searching for a Project in vain )