Problem evaluating mod JS [xxxxxx]: TypeError: "Vue is not a constructor" --> Contact form pops up on pageLoad and NAV Menu is not loaded

This matter is urgend:

This new issue relates to the following six live pages

This issue does not show up on Chrome with Win10.

Apparently this issue relates to
Firefox & Edge & Safari, as well as Chrome for MAC

The contact Form pops up on pageload undesiredly
and the entire NAV does not show up

Hi Stefan,
We tested the following site:

Using the following browsers:
Mac - Safari 9.1
Mac - Firefox 77
Mac - Chrome 83
Windows 10 - Edge 83
Windows 10 - Firefox 77
Windows 10 - Chrome 83

We were not able to replicate the issue in any of those browsers. We also checked several of the other sites here and there, and were not able to notice any issues in the browser or console.

If the problem still persists, can you please elaborate on how/when it shows up?

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I can confirm it is not only happening on my computer. I received a call from to let me know about the issue.
Not sure if I can contribute more. I will try to investigate deeper and reply again in 20 minutes

the issue no longer prevails on Edge. Firefox still throws an error, but error-message is different: Another 10 Minutes later, no errors occur anymore. Okay, the issue is gone.

thank you for your quick reply to this issue!