Payments & invoices

Hi, I’m looking for 2 things on my anymod account: Where can I go to alter my payments, and where can I go to download invoices?

Are you looking to change your credit card? If so, you can click the dropdown at the top right when logged in, then select “Account”. Scrolling down, there is a billing section for your card information.

We do not currently have a way to access invoices through the dashboard (we will soon), but we can send any date range(s) you request by email.

By that I mean you can request here and we will email it to you.

Ok, can I receive invoices emailed to me from July 2018 to present day? And on my dashboard there is no “Account” section, there is only “Settings” and “Team” and I’ve checked both of those for billing information with no success

Yes, we will send that to you shortly: July, August, and September

For your second point, you were likely not added to the account as an admin.