Payed support requiered

I would like to pay someone to help me solve a tiny issue:

this is the template mod:

this is my Mod:

I remain unable to get the alert working

I am willing to pay someone to help me overcome this issue (without me loosing too much time)

The code is already fully established within the version you are supposed to work with.

It must be just a tiny syntax error, but I remained unable to identify it.

And after more than 90 Minutes of investigation. I am now loosing my patience.

Thus I am willing to pay and will be grateful for your support.

Can anybody support me?

Hi Stefan, some users have had success finding freelancers on There are a lot of developers experienced enough in HTML/CSS/JS for you to be able to show them the problem and come up with a solution same day.

Yes, okay, thank you, that is probably the way to go. Have a nice day! Although I would strongly prefer somebody well accuainted with anymod, so that I dont have to explain too much about the general setting

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