One DRAFT-URL for all pages of the portal will be used for years to come

I am asking this question in advance:

I am planning to use just One! DRAFT-URL for all pages of my portal. And that ONE draft-URL will be used for many years to come by several users.

I wonder what sort of a mess such a use-case will cause on the draft-management-board:

the list of LIVE mods will very soon become endless

and what actually happens if the users apply a change towards a mod which previously was changed. And then I published those changes, and afterwards the customer will change some other text inside of it again ? Will your system be able to handle such a case?

see link attached

Hi Stefan, the system can currently “handle” what you described, but as you know it is currently presented in a way that is confusing to the admin.

We’re going to streamline it so that there is only relevant information, without all of the old drafts that have been approved already. So you will be able to see at a glance what has changed, instead of seeing everything all at once.

Ah okay, that is good to know ! Thank you!