New mod - module Monday

this new Module has a NAV on Mobile:

But after I integrated this mod on my page testwise, the NAV-Element was not visible anymore. I did not investigate into it any deeper. I just dropped the MOD right away with no investigation whatsoever.

This mod is of no importance to me, I dont need it fixed. I just wanted to report what happend:

user: sky
pass: power

Thank you for reporting! This is an issue with the page itself, which does not set the viewport meta tag:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

We’ll add this to the default installation code so that it’s ready to go without any additions :+1:

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This new Mod features a Hero navigation with a collapsible sidebar.

ON MOBILE DEVICES It will push the Content of the Hero section to the right: But the rest of the document will not be pushed to the right, as can be seen here:
user : sky
pass: power

project: 8P74P9
Mod: aldkdb

Just because I stumble upon it

stumbled upon it today again

Now fixed. Thanks!