New client on

Hey Tyler, just wanted to give you a heads up… I’m having my client check you guys out as a CMS solution for their website. If there’s anything you can send me that will help persuade them that’d be appreciated! Here is the site they need a CMS on

one of the main things they are concerned about is being able to read it correctly for SEO purposes due to the fact it’s a angularJS single-page app

Yes we’d be happy to assist on this. Prerendering should work just fine (and not even needed for Google). Our team is going to put up a page with to verify, and I’ll reach out when it’s up.

Great thanks! If I can get them onboard it will be the second client this week to sign up for anymod :slight_smile:


We can confirm that does indeed work nicely with Anymod. Here is a live example:

Here is the repo if you’re interested