Need support with for-loop


hey Tyler.,

I remain unable to work with

{{#if hideOnDesktop}}hideOnDesktop{{/if}}

And I guess the reason is that I am not using

{{#each items}}

but instead my mod is using

v-for=“item in items”

I played around a little bit, but I remain unable to find a solution

any support is highly appreciated


Since it’s using Vue, you can use that syntax if you want:

<a class="nav-link js-scroll-trigger"
  :class="{ 'hideOn-Desktop': item.hideOnDesktop }"


Exellent! Thank you especially for your additional Code-specification !!! That made all the difference. I would not have made it otherwiese. I guess it is time for me to take some time off and learn the Fundamentals of vue :wink: Again, thank you very much Tyler