NAV has a SubMenue not working on Mobile devices


I dropped the below mentioned MOD into my website some 4 days ago :

in project 86N4N3 width the ID Name ```

<div id="anymod-nkrkdn"></div>

Then I started to customize that MOD to my needs
and establish some extra functions nessesary to satisfy my client.

I even had to do a telephone call about this new NAV-MOD (and other stuff).

My client decided in favour of this new NAV-Element,
because it looked a little bit better than the old one.


Today I started to further customize the MOD.

Once I stumbled upon the mobile design, I started to realize the way the mobile SUBMENUES worked was eventually not perfect (the SUBMENU displays with absolute Position on Mobile?).

Okay, so I tested it further:

I cloned the original and created a new TESTPAGE and dropped the MOD into that testpage,

user: sky
pass: power

then uploaded the test-page to my server and finally called that page with my mobile devide, only to make sure whether or not this original-template-MOD would perhaps behave well , when called right from a mobile device.

The result: No, it does not. There is at least this ONE weakness, and I suspect there might very well be further weaknesses to be discovered in the future.

So, what am I to do in such a situation?

I guess I will have to debug.

With regard to the above described error:
Please let me know if anymod is interested in debugging that template.

I might wait for the improoved-template and , once the improoved template is pushed live by the anymod team, I might clone that improoved template, and then redo all the customizsation

Hi Stefan, yes we are debugging that template and should have the fixes out soon. We have introduced a new “Merge” feature that would allow you to merge in selected updates (only the CSS, for example) from one mod to another. You may not need/want to use it here, but that should be an option going forward. You can find that option in the dropdown next to the clone button.

We’ll let you know when the navbar mod has been updated :+1:

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I will be grateful for a short notice after you fixed this.
I will import your improovements right away.

Can you already forsee when you will have the fix online? I opened this ticket some 13 days ago.

I wish everybody a magnificent start into the day ; )

I am grateful for any timeline you might be able to provide as to when your fix might be available? I am asking my question after 17 days have already gone by.