Multiple large images upload still painful


I have a lot of time to write this error report :wink: I am waiting for some Uploads to finish :wink:

Before initializing any concurrent image-upload, the anymod-User must wait for his previous image-upload to finish. The Image-upload-process will break and unexpected errors will come up, as soon as any second Upload-attempt is initializes, for any second Item: provided the first Upload has not finished at the time the second upload will be initialized.
The waiting time adds up and finally becomes a huge amount of ‘dull time’ in front of the screen.
The current Image-Upload must be finished, before the next picture is “allowed” for the next upload to follow.
If more than one image gets uploaded at the same time: Sometimes none of the images will succeed to be uploaded at all. The upload starts to fail and provide unexpected results. I already reported this error some 2 month ago.

If the user is in a hurry: He might attempt to upload a second image while the first one has not yet finished uploading. In that case: errors will disrupt the entire process. Also: Once those errors have occurred. The respective Images will never again be allowed for recurrent upload. The System seems to think the upload has already succeeded, and will thus disallow a second upload of the same image I guess the anymod server expects the image to already exist on the server, and as it is supposedly already available on the server, the same image will not be allowed for a second upload. But as the first upload failed, that causes the upload to become entirely impossible.
I renamed the Name of the image, but the upload still remained impossible. I gave up and will try again tomorrow. That means: Once any image-Upload has failed, the user will remain to reinitialize the upload. He will be left without any option.

Solution 1:
I would love to choose multiple images all at once for multiple Uploads. I can see why this might be more difficult to establish inside anymod, than it might seem at first glance. Given the anymod system might need more than only just one image for any ‘repeat-item’.

Solution 2:
Therefore my second most loved alternative would be to be allowed to manually activate more than just one upload at a time. I would like to initiate some 20 uploads separately and manually. But without having to wait until I am allowed to initialize the second manual image upload. In this scenario I would be „capable " to initialize the second upload, while the first is still uploading. And I would not need to wait for the third, and for the fourth upload. I could just go and initialize them all instantaneously.

In the below screenshot you will see why my attempt to upload a second item failed (while the first has not yet finished). There seems to be some upload-interference between the image-uploads.

PS: Also worth a note: Between the moment the Upload has finished, and the moment the new image will be visible inside the anymod edit-pane, some 3 to 5 seconds may pass. That feels strange. And if the user decides to start the next upload during that time period. The result also seems to be errors.


ps: when uploading large images the timelapse between the upload having finished and the uploaded image appearing on the screen ma even take between 20 and 30 seconds. That is a pretty long time span to wait in front of the screen for the long awaited image to finally appear. I am reporting this issue in a very ‘detailed manner’. Forgive me, it is definately not ment to be criticism. I am just attemting to find the most detailed explanation possible ; )


Thank you for the detailed feedback! We do have improved image upload as one of the first things on our list after our release of Anymod v2 in the coming ~2 weeks. :sunglasses: