Module Monday mod question

Hello, I was wondering if I could get some assistance on a mod that I grabbed from ‘Module Monday’

Yes, how can we help?

Awesome thanks, it is the Carousel slider which is ‘dbdkb’ under ‘Popular Mods’

the code for the button in the original is

{{#if buttonUrl}}
<a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">
{{ buttonText }}

so I updated it to this so that each slide could have it’s own link

{{#if buttonUrl}}
<a href="{{ buttonURL }}" class="btn btn-default" target="_self"> 
   {{ buttonText }}

Ah, that is a good catch

but this is how it renders

hmm, what you’ve written looks correct

I’ve updated the original mod and it seems to be working:

Is buttonUrl written in the proper case?


no it isn’t

thank you

Ah the joys of coding :smiley:

Thank you for pointing out the original issue though – I really appreciate it!

haha at least I could help so it wasn’t that stupid of a question

Totally, we’re actually building some tools now to make it easier to collaborate and open issues, etc

Stuff like this makes the library much better!

oh nice!

you may have this in your docs somewhere but I did realize that our mod links were changing the url and not going anywhere… but the fix was adding a target=""

This was within an angular app, correct?


at least the site is using angular

Great, thanks. We’ll make a note of it!

anyways, thanks again for your help

Happy to do so, and thanks to you as well