Mods occasionally not showing

Hello, I’m hoping to get some assistance on a problem we are running into.

Sure, how can we help?

The mods will appear sometimes but then even if you refresh a few times or use a different browser they will just all not show up

an example is they won’t be showing up on chrome but I will switch to Safari and they will work for a few refreshes and then dissapear

That is not a problem we’ve encountered until now, but we can definitely look into it! Do you have a page available that shows this behavior?

Check out our home page, that hero grid you see with the fire is an anymod and usually shows up, but when you drill down to this page or any of the pages you see under ‘Categories’ is when we start seeing the disappearances

I’m getting a 502 error visiting the page. Is it visible to others?

it should be public

let me double check

Ok here is what I think is happening at first pass: the first mod on the page (kodrb) is using a stylesheet.

This stylesheet seems to be hit or miss on the delivery. When an asset isn’t downloaded, the default behavior for Anymod is to stop render. We will change that so that it renders anyway, that way it is easier to troubleshoot.

Based on the stylesheet delivery error and the 503 that I got when I first visited the site, my guess would be your DNS has multiple nameservers but one or more is incorrect. That would make it deliver “some of the time” but not all.

It looks like all of the mod data is making it to your page correctly; it’s just stopping the mod render when the bootstrap file is not found.

Okay let me delete that reference in the mod and see if it helps

when you say the DNS has multiple nameservers but one or more is incorrect is that just related to the css or is that a different problem?

That would be a problem that could show up in various other places too, such as when I got a 503 error visiting the page

Typically there are 3-4 nameservers that resolve a domain name, in case one or more goes down

One or more may be mis-typed or pointing at the wrong thing

This would cause random deliverability errors. We’re looking more into it now, but that was my first hunch.

okay I’ll check with IT on that, they’ll know more than me

so far the Shirts page seems to be loading with the css link removed

Okay hopefully that was the issue, but if not please let me know

I’m still seeing them not show occasionally, but calling Anymod.render() in the console shows them

So it may be that you’re calling Anymod.render() in your angular code before the divs have been placed on the page

nevermind I just refreshed on safari and they’re not there

Can you try typing Anymod.render() in the safari console?

that does make them appear

In that case you’d need to make sure that Anymod.render() gets called after your application code has rendered its view

hmm okay I’ll check with IT on that one as well

I believe AngularJS has after hooks you can use but not sure

ok great I just sent that to our developer to look at thank you!