Mods don't show if haven't visited project


This morning I happend to stumble upon a minor finding, I wanted to let you know about:

This blank html field always comes up if a new mod is opened while you are in parrallel working on a different ‘active’ project! You may open the mod preferrably via this method:

That means: as soon as a mod gets called from a different project, than the “currenty active anymod project” then the html field will not display any preview . I hope this was described propperly enough to make some sense out of it. And I hope my suspicion prooves correct, I did not do more but run one test on this suspicion, and it seemed to be true. Maybe not a super-relevant finding, but you might still find it interesting nevertheless ; ) best Stefan


Hi Stefan, this is an edge case to our current security settings. If you have mod sharing disabled, only 1 project is allowed to be “active” on your computer at a time as you noticed. We have on our roadmap to allow multiple active projects, so this quirk will go away at that point.


yes, sure! Maybe it will also be sufficient to merely inform the user about the reason why the html field remains blank ( you might have enough space right inside the html-previews field to display the Error information :slight_smile: As soon as the user knows why the field remains blank, the user will easily be able to circumvent the issue. That might already be sufficcient, maybe you dont even need to establish multiple active projects inside the admin interface. At least as far as I am concerned, I do not have any need for them