'Mod not found' message for deleted mod

I’m getting this warning in the console when I load one of my mods. It seems to be looking for a mod that was deleted a while ago.

I’m not trying to load the mod on the page anywhere so I don’t know why I’m seeing the message. Is this the project script caching mod IDs somehow?

Anymod project 8ME998. 1 mod undeliverable for this page:
v1:17 0: orrbka Mod not found in project

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Yes this is probably a caching issue. The mod should be cleared from all the page caches when it’s deleted, so we’ll look into it.

In the meantime, can you try going into the Pages view for your project (https://anymod.com/projects/8ME998/pages), finding the page in question, and clicking Clear cache? I believe that will solve it.

Perfect! Clear Cache solved it.

Had no idea that button was there - good to know! :grinning:

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Yes we love building features and then making them hard to find :joy:

We’re planning to revamp how pages and links are presented, so hopefully some of those features will be clearer soon!

I have the same issue but never bothered to write a ticket

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