MOD cannot be accessed in EDIT-MODE at all



Is there a way to overwrite some styling at the moment the Anymod-EDIT-MODE is activated?

This Button is the only element inside of my new MOD. I styled it position: absolute.

My customer will never be able to edit the MOD as he will remain unable to reach it.

Can you suggest any workaround for me and my customer?

Please find the respective button at the very button of the page

this URL is only accessible for Tyler. :


It looks like the mods are stacked and that’s making it so you can’t select the log in button one – is that correct?

I don’t know if we have a good solution for this yet, but you might try putting the Log In button lower in the HTML than the footer section. I don’t know whether that will work but it might.

We’ll discuss this in our team and think of a good way to solve it.


Quick Feedback: I tested it, but relocating the Login-Mod lower inside the HTML did not help.

I am aware this might be an edge case. But the same issue is also true to my fixed nav-bar on the same site (sort of : ).

Glad if you can come up with a solution. I could imagine to auto-Overwrite Fixed and absolute positioning in general as soon as the Edit-Mode is started , but that would of cause destroy the layout. I am pretty sure you will come up with a much better idea / solution for this.

Looking forward.

Sorry to say: This page is a bit dirty when it comes to the css - I hope It was not my fault in the end


my customer cannot access this, and this, and this, and the login-Button inside the footer element , as well as several other mod-elements


I think this is due to the same issue you described above. we’ll have a fix for this in the coming weeks, since we’re re-doing some of the on-page editor UI