Merge "Content Diff Page"

Hey Tyler,

This morning I tried to merge your new Mod ormolo into my existing ralbad.

I hope the above URL will display the DiffChecker for you the same way that page is displayed for me: As both mods are public, I guess you should see the same result when you request this URL:

It took me a while to understand the Diff Page for the Content Section:

This page states the Content differences are displayed, but after I compared both Mods manually to one another, I came to the conclusion this page does acutally not show the comparision. Only the New Content seems to be displayed here I guessed. And the DIFFs are not displayed here. Nor is the old content displayed. My guess was that this page might display the field-information Only if the content differs from the old original mod? The new content fields arww probably only displayed for fields whith different content? I guess fiels with identical content are not displayed here? Is that the logic I am seeing here? This would mean I see only the new content, and I will only see it if it differs from the old content (which I do not see at all)

I just wanted to mention it was not intuitively clear to me where the differences are with regard to the content, and what this page is actually showing.

As already mentioned, I love the merge functionality. This is magnificent!

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Thank you for reporting. We added this to our roadmap and will make it clearer.