Library for my images

Hello - I was just wondering if there is a library accessible for the images that I upload through the editor?

There is not currently, but that is a great idea. I will add it to our roadmap. I’m assuming you mean where you can choose to re-use an image you’ve previously uploaded, even if it’s for a different mod – please let me know if you meant something else. Thank you for the suggestion!

yes exactly, that would be super helpful

and If you’re taking ideas, I was thinking it would also be helpful to sort the mods into folders - since we have so many it’d be helpful to group them

Ok great, we will plan to implement it!

We are working on a tagging system for mods – would that be a good alternative?

so you would be able to sort and see one tag at a time?

Yes the tags would show on the mods in the dashboard view, and clicking a tag would filter to show only the mods that have that tag

Would be similar to folders, but a mod could have multiple tags if desired

Yea that would work great

Ok perfect, you’ll probably see that show up pretty soon

+1 for this, it would help us a lot too

Hi, I just wanted to let you both know that we rolled out the tagging feature for mods. You can tag a mod by visiting its settings, and then in your dashboard you’ll be able to sort by tags. More to come with managing lots of tags, but the basics are there now!

Hi, that’s great! Thanks for letting us know - I’ll be sure to use them now