Issues with the draft version


I clicked on the draft version - but the pencil is entirely missing, why is that? Is it because I am at the same time logged in as admin? Anyway, the pencil is missing , no matter if I am on the LIVE page or on the DRAFT

Draft Website without Pencil again, very persistent

logging out of anymod and logging back in (and then reloading the page in a new TAB) would not solve the issue , pencil still missing


clearing Storae (all sorts of storage) on that page brought back a page without anymod (neither the draft-toggler-icon, nor the pencil), that was as expected.

Logging in to and reloading the page was what brought the pencil back.

The above described issue has occurred some 20 times during the last 2 Month, and still exists.


Thanks for letting us know! We’ll try to replicate the issue and then issue a fix. I’ll update you here when we do.


Hi Stefan, we haven’t been able to replicate this issue yet. Can you describe the steps you’re going through to make the pencil disappear?

It would also be helpful to see error messages from the browser console, if there are any.

Hopefully we can follow your steps to replicate the issue, then we’ll know how to fix it.


We are on two tickets, let us close this ticket and proceed inside of: Draft Website without Pencil again, very persistent