Intercom interface - old tickerts

at the time the new communnication interface was introduced,
anymod mentioned the old intercom interface would come back at a later time for us to access our old tickerts. So I created a reminder. I would like access to all those old tickets I wrote. Is there a way for me to get them? It might just as well be a csv-file for example. If that will not be possible I would be fine too. Just wanted to ask . ps: I am aware many of the old tickets have been migrated to the new system. nevertheless I would like access. If this can be done with little efford, let me know .


You can access this in the near term at We are transitioning off of Intercom however, so the tickets may not be available much longer. Unfortunately Intercom does not offer the option to export the content of the chats (we had to manually add the ones you’ve seen here).

Whow! I see. That is a big suprize. Thanks for the feedback. In that case, I guess, I would not really use my intercomm access for my tickets at all anyway. Because I will not put in the nessesary effort to export the data. Again, thanks for the update on this!

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