Improvement needed - time wasted - reward system might be helpful to improve code quality

I wasted more than one hour this morning:

I tried to figure out why this mod did not work as expected on IOS devices:

After a while, I found out it is ONLY on IOS , and then I found out the issue was

so I ended up with

First I had to find a workaround for IOS to scrollToTop nevertheless. I probably am very far from a very solid and good solution, but I just tred my best
(and I also took the very first approach that seemed to solve my issue at hand).

I found a solution , but as that solution did not include any animation effect, I wanted to apply it to IOS only.

I therefore established an additional JS based Browser detection to adress the solution I found MERELY to mobile IOS devices

By no means did I have any intention to invest more than one hour into debugging this MOD this morning.

I dropped this AnyMod-Element into my project two days ago.

From today on, I will try to report each issue any-mod causes.

I will try to be more aware Mod-Elements ALWAYS need extensive testing in production to make sure they work flaweless.

It is important to really test the mods to make sure they truely work . All Mods will always need a lot of time testing .

Thank you for flagging this Stefan. We will get it fixed and will also search through the remaining mods to make sure none are using scrollToTop.

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I will be grateful for a short notice after you fixed this.