Improove Video Mod

This video-Mod is a template-version:

An improovment-suggestion can be found here:

I am aware there are better ways to code the improovement but I decided to stick with the workaround and merely report my status quo.

PS: I wanted to ensure Tyler will be able to look at the MERGE URL. Thus I invited Tyler to this Team:

This is the improoved Mod:

A: found the issue and its cause
B: solved the issue with a workaround, and
C: tried to report the issue best I can

Question 1: Does Tyler need to be a team-member for him to be able to look into my newly created Merge-Comparision-URL?

Question 2: Is there a better way to report future-issues?

I am grateful for any update.

Hi Stefan,
Is the goal to make it so that you can have multiple videos on the page?


I missed to mention what the ‘improovement’ is ment for. It will avoid modal-Layers from identical mods ( on the same page ) to be mistakenly adressed. The unique naming convention will prevent any potential interference. I ran into such an issue last week.

We’ve merged a change similar to the one you proposed, using mod.selector instead of the video ID.

Thank you for letting us know and for proposing a solution!

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