Improove horizontal timeline mod

Hey Tyler, do you think you could help me improove this horizontal timeline in a fashion so that the back-button and the forward-button will better help the user to really “slide” through the articles? My goal is to free the user from having to click twice, to get to the result: First click currently needs to be on the forward-button and the next needs to be the TIME-EVENT iteself (inside of the timeline). To accieve this, the Mod would need the same adaption , no matter if displayed on mobile or on desktop. We would need each click upon the back/forward-Buttons to trigger the next article to appear. In detail, we would need two things to happen when forward/back is clicked: A: have the next Article slide in. And B: Smoothly Center that articles timelime-element on the vertical timeline and fade out the highlighting of the old element on the timeline and and fade in the highlighting to the new (centered) timeline-element.

The same logic would apply in case the mod is displayed on mobile.

I feel this would make the timeline so much stronger!

It would free the user from double clicking on the timelines forward-button first, only to again click on the event in the timeline , in order to then finally really get the next article displayed .

We’ll be overhauling the library over the next week or so, and we plan to make some library mod improvements as we go. I’ll add this one to the list and we’ll have a look.