Image upload is not working


<img src="{{ image }}"/>

After I uploaded this image from my site the upload was successfully completed and confirmed by the tiny Anymod Layer in the bottom right of the screen.
The image was not visible in the preview.
And after hitting “Publish” the image will not show up on the page.


Looks like the upload failed, as no image has been set. It may be related to the image being an svg. We’re looking into this.


Ah, it needs to be :src="image" when using Vue.js

It should either be :src="image" , which is the way using Vue.js, or you can use src={{ image }} using Handlebars

I’ve switched it to handlebars and removed the legacy JS script:

<!-- Using Vue.js (used to be required) -->
<img :src="image"/>

<!-- Using Handlebars (Vue.js not required) -->
<img src="{{image}}"/>


okay understood! That is interesting. I was completely unaware of the difference of the handlebar versus the plain html. Thanks for that piece of information! Also: It seems the “copy to html” button does not consult those differences when it is pasting the html into the html-Field.