Image not showing

Any idea why this image does not show up? all I did was clone the Mod and upload the Image. The upload seems successful, but the IMG is not displayed

Looks like an error processing the gif on Cloudinary’s end. I will reach out to them.

I am not sure it is a cloudinary issue. I just uploaded the same image to this mod without any issues here:

It is: notice that the url does not work for 1200px (the default):,w_1200/v1539301101/NewsArticle1_ztvfdj.gif

but it works just fine for 900px:,w_900/v1539301101/NewsArticle1_ztvfdj.gif

I changed your mod to use 900px for now, so it is working

ah! The devil is in the detail :wink: as so very often :wink: Okay

It seems Cloudinary had an error processing the image, then cached that error.

yes , I feel I fell for that trap of “chached errors” before , for a couple of times (weeks ago) // but I might misjudge :wink:

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Image processing is hard, that’s why we’ve outsourced it!

No doubt about that!

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It looks like this issue was with the file being too large once “reprocessed” by Cloudinary. We will likely make it so that gifs are left unprocessed since they are causing some edge case issues like this.